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ACH Art Collection

Over more than 55 years of systematic collecting, the ACH Art Collection has exceeded the range of comparable collections in Slovenia. Limited to older Slovenian art, it has added prestigious works to the representation of artists working in the Slovenian ethnic territory up to the mid-twelfth century and presents a bijou survey of Slovenian art, from Baroque religious motifs, portraits, landscapes, genre scenes and still lives to pictures of intimate personal expression. From realism to impressionism, from Slovenian modernism to post-war modernism, they all reflect both the identity of the Slovenian territory and the "spirit in time".

The collection was first comprehensively presented to the public on the company's 50th anniversary in 2002, in cooperation with the Ljubljana National Gallery. The "Spirit in Time" exhibition, featuring almost 100 selected art pieces from ACH's collection, was designed by Dr Andrej Smrekar and launched along with our catalog of all exhibits.

With its collection and expert study of the pictures, ACH d.d. creates new and symbolic value of great significance for ACH's image and, at the same time, for the conservation of national cultural heritage. A sequel to the collection is the Slovenian visual art pieces from the second half of the 20th century that are kept in the rich collection of ACH's associated company Factor banka.

The finest of the close to 400 pictures in ACH's collection adorn the company's business premises and, since 2003, the ACH Gallery has been open on the ground floor of the business building at 5 Baragova Street in Ljubljana.

The various thematic exhibitions at the gallery largely display works from its home collection, which you can see by clicking on Exhibitions Archives.

In October 2008, we displayed the "Slovenian impresionists from the ACH Art Colection", with a bronze bust of the Slovenian painter and teacher Anton Ažbe placed in the central gallery room. To read more about him and ACH's contribution by producing memorials to the artist, at home and abroad, click on  Anton Ažbe.

The current "Eyes and Ears of God"exhibition is open to visitors every weekday from 10 AM to 6 PM.



Terms for using reproductions of ACH art collection pieces
Without the written consent of the National Gallery, which is the author of reproductions, and ACH, d.d., and in compliance with Sovenian Law , it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, lease, make accessible to the public (Internet), edit or otherwise use the originals of artistic works and photographic records of them or part of them to any extent or in any way, including photocopying, printing or storage in electronic form. The originals of reproduced artistic works are kept by ACH, d.d., Ljubljana and the Ljubljana National Gallery.


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